With Petefish Skiles Online you can access your bank accounts from anywhere, anytime. In today’s fast paced world of automatic payments, debit/ATM cards and next day processing you can track your accounts 24 hours a day with our internet banking product. Here are a few examples of what our internet banking product offers:


Allows you to transfer money from a checking, savings or loan to a checking, savings, loan or safety deposit box.


Allows you to display history on an account. History can also be downloaded to a logic spreadsheet program, such as Excel.


Reduce your clutter and go green with our E-Statements! This is an easy and safer way to receive your statements. Once you enroll for the E-statements you'll be able to access a year's worth of statements which, if you'd like, save them to your personal PC or print them out at home.

Download Enrollment Instructions


Use this to build recurring reminders to remember special events, birthdays, anniversaries, ect. On the day specified, the reminder that you create will be sent to you as an e-mail message.

Bank Mail

Use this to confidentially read and respond to mail messages sent from Petefish Skiles & Co Bank.


We have many financial calculators like loan, retirement, savings and bonds.