Petefish, Skiles Mobile Banking App

Enrollment in internet banking required.

In today's fast paced world of automatic payments, debit/ATM cards, and next day processing you can track your accounts anytime with "PS & Co. On the Go!" Mobile Banking.

Our mobile banking product gives you access to your accounts from a wireless device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you want to track your accounts history, transfer money, make a loan payment, pay your bills, or deposit your paycheck, you now have the access to do it anytime from anywhere your wireless device has access to the internet.

Person 2 Person Payments

Petefish Skiles & Co Bank now offers Person-to-Person payments on our mobile app. Learn how to send money to a person on the infographic below.

Infographic of person-to-person payments on Petefish Skiles' mobile banking app.
Step One
Select "Pay A Person" from the account menu
Step Two
Enter the amount of money you would like to send and to whom you want to send the money to then enter their email address or their cell phone number and finally you can add an optional message with your payment!
Step Three
Create a secret word to share with the person you are sending money to!
Step Four
Authentication of the sender is required before payment will be sent. You can either request the authentication code by email, text message, or a phone call.
Step Five
Enter the four digit authentication code provided and click "Authenticate User and Send Money"

Mobile Deposit

Get step-by-step instructions about making a mobile deposit using the Petefish Skiles Mobile App. See the infographic below

Infographic showing steps to make a mobile deposit using the Petefish Skiles & Co Bank
Step One
Select "Deposit Check" from the account menu and then "Start a Deposit"
Step Two
Select the Account Number to deposit into, enter the check Amount, type an optional Memo, and press Next
Step Three
Ensure the check is properly endorsed: "For Mobile Deposit Only to Petefish, Skiles & Co. Bank" - Signature and press Next
Step Four
Hover your camera over the check image and follow the prompts on the screen. The camera will automatically take a picture once it is properly aligned with the document and display a message the image was captured successfully. Flip the check over and do the same steps for the back of the check.